Japanese DVD Helps Women Overcome Shyness With Creeps

| 28 Jan 2010 22:19

Guys, it's time to take a backseat, this one's for the ladies.

Boing Boing has uncovered a video snippet of a Japanese DVD that is meant to help women become less shy when talking to men. The problem with the video is that the men are all a bunch of Creepy McCreepertons, but it's pretty hilarious watching anyway.

The quality of Japanese men appears to really be in the crapper. My personal favorites are sweaty-face guy, jughead lookalike, fancy-hair lumberjack, and oddly placed American dude. There's also giant mop-head, guy with strange earring, and one that looks like he's about to punch someone in the throat (see if you can find him). Women in Japan evidently also need help dealing with rotating trios of men.

On a serious note, the smug guy in the bathrobe kind of took my breath away. These DVDs (called Miteru Dake) have been around for a while, but I haven't seen the women's version before. The men's version gives the opportunity to get used to staring at women with an abundance of cleavage, and strangely also 10-year old girls. I used to get pretty nervous when I talked to 4th-graders, but thanks to Miteru Dake, now I don't even break a sweat.

(Via Boing Boing)

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