Raise the Roof in Midgar With Vinyl Fantasy 7

| 1 Feb 2010 15:38

Did you ever wish that Nobuo Uematsu's legendary score for Final Fantasy VII had more phat rap beats mixed in? Well, Vinyl Fantasy 7 has you covered on that front, and it's awesome.

Have you ever gone back to replay Square-Enix's classic Final Fantasy VII, only to find something missing in even Nobuo Uematsu's much-lauded soundtrack? "Gee," you may say to yourself, "As awesome as 'One Winged Angel' and 'Still More Fighting' are, this soundtrack just needs something more... dope. More fly. More fresh."

As it turns out, the FF7 soundtrack may have just been missing some white-hot rhymes from Jay-Z, Outkast, and more. That deficiency in the 13-year-old score has thankfully now been corrected by Team Teamwork's new album, Vinyl Fantasy 7. The mixmasters at Team Teamwork have been hard at work mashing up modern-day rap hits with beloved MIDI-tastic FF7 tunes, and the end result is... actually pretty cool.

Oh sure, it's not quite as awesome as their earlier venture, The Ocarina of Rhyme, but it's a solid effort nonetheless, and it's available for the low, low price of free. Yes, it's true that you can pay what you want, which means some of you will pony up the extra cash, but I have a hunch that most people won't.

Above, you can hear M.O.P.'s "Ante Up" mixed with the game's battle theme, but it's not my favorite song on the album. That honor, right now, seems to be a tie between Jay-Z's "Lucifer" vs. "Mako Reactor" and Ghostface Killah's "Save Me Dear" vs. "City of the Ancients". Though I can't make any promises that "Ice Cream Paintjob" vs. "Gold Saucer" won't get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

What're your favorites?

(Via Joystiq)

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