Behold the Final Fall of Warcraft's Lich King

| 2 Feb 2010 17:18

Patch 3.3.2 hits World of Warcraft today, revealing the ultimate fate of the fallen Prince Arthas Menethil - also known as the Lich King.


I covered the saga of Arthas Menethil pretty extensively back in December when WoW Patch 3.3 added Icecrown Citadel to the game as the final raid dungeon in Wrath of the Lich King. Since the end of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Arthas (or rather, the Arthas/Ner'zhul fusion that is the Lich King) has been the ultimate baddie of the world of Warcraft... and today, in patch 3.3.2, Azeroth's top raiders will get to fight him face-to-face.

Well, that is, of course, assuming that they get to him first. 3.2.2 may unlock the Frostwing Halls, the final chapter of Icecrown Citadel, but raiders will have to fight (er, aide, rather) the green dragon Valithria Dreamwalker and take on the frost wyrm Sindragosa (you know, the one Arthas raised in the WotLK opening cinematic) before they get to take on the King himself. And judging by what enterprising dataminers have uncovered about the Lich King's skills, that fight is going to be one hell of a doozy - as it ought to be.

Naturally, those same dataminers have already leaked the above video that plays when Arthas is killed - the first real cinematic death a WoW boss has ever been granted. It's a cutscene that uses the WoW in-game engine, which is clearly showing its age by now, but Blizzard's technicians clearly do the best they're able with six-year-old technology.

It's spoiler-tastic, so only watch it if you're not worried about ruining the experience for yourself. (Horde players may not recognize the red man, but long-time Alliance diehards may know him from his place in Stormwind Keep for the first 70 levels of the game).

3.2.2 brings various nerfs, buffs, and changes - but let's be honest, here: The only thing anyone cares about is the ultimate fate of the Lich King.

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