Cryptic: STO Don't Need No WoW Players

| 4 Feb 2010 16:16

The creators of Star Trek Online claim that they don't need to woo WoW players in order to be successful.

STO opened its servers this week in the U.S. and reported over 1 million accounts have been created and those subscription numbers can only grow when its E.U. counterpart goes live tomorrow. The questions is whether it can sustain its population with the 800 pound behemoth in the MMOG room, World of Warcraft's 12 million players. The executive producer at Cryptic for STO seems to think that it isn't necessary for his game to steal players from WoW.

"It's such a huge market out there," said Craig Zinkievich. He went on:

We think we've made something that Star Trek fans and gamers alike will enjoy. Maybe some of those fans will come from WoW and maybe some will be totally new to the MMOG genre.

We're not trying to directly compete with WoW and if our game grows to that success then that would be awesome but for now we're just worried about getting a good game out there that people will enjoy.

It's refreshing that every new MMOG is no longer touted as a WoW-killer. Cryptic knows that it's unlikely that STO will see such monumental numbers and they're just trying to make a good game.

I can get behind that.

Source: CVG and Worlds in Motion

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