Mega Man 10 Special Weapons Revealed

| 13 Feb 2010 13:18

You'll need more than the 'Mega Buster' to succeed in Mega Man 10, so let's take a look at what other weapons you can look forward to.

Part of the fun of the Mega Man games was all the different weapons you'd pick up from the often outright bizarre bosses, and faux-retro action platformer Mega Man 10 is no different. Amongst the special weapons the titular hero can equip are the 'Wheel Cutter' (pictured), which sends a buzz saw blade whirling along the ground, and the mean sounding 'Triple Blade', which as the name suggests, lets Mega Man hurl three razor-sharp blade at once, as well the slightly less intimidating 'Lightning Wool' and 'Water Shield'.

The rest of the weapons, as well as details of what they do and what special abilities they grant Mega Man, can be found here. Mega Man 10 comes out on March 1st for the Wii, March 11th on PSN and March 31st on Xbox Live Arcade.

Source: Capcom Unity Blog

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