8-Bit Anti-Valentines Soothe the Single

| 14 Feb 2010 15:09

If you don't have a valentine today, these retro anti-valentines should cheer you up.

Valentine's Day can be a tough time for those that have suffered a recent breakup, or just don't have anyone to celebrate the special day with. 2pStart's latest comic is tailored to those with such an affliction, and it should at least add some brightness to the day.

The comic is a set of six anti-valentines, each focused around a character from the 8-bit NES era. Toad, Kirby, Mega Man, Link, the dog from Duck Hunt, and Kid Icarus all have a positive message to send to those without a valentine today. Actually, Kid Icarus just sort of has some anger to express at the Duck Hunt dog, but he's included in the set nonetheless.

As an example, Toad's valentine is accompanied by the text: "Sorry, but your valentine is in another card!" Kirby's says: "Hope your valentine's day sucks!" Mega Man's might be my favorite, as his anti-valentine message is: "A part of you is always with me... the part I pried from your dead robot corpse." You can actually email these valentines as a joke, or as some real videogame-inspired hate towards an ex-significant other. See, life isn't so bad after all!

UPDATE: I've been informed that this set is actually from last year. This year's can be found here, but they're nice valentines this time. (Thanks, pastapappie)

(Via: Retroist)

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