Carolina Games Summit Scavenger Hunt Winner Announced

| 16 Feb 2010 19:00

The Carolina Games Summit had everything a gamer could want: food, energy drinks, tournaments, industry speakers, free video games and for a lucky handful, awesome prize packs.

The Carolina Games Summit (CGS) was held last weekend and drew gamers from around North America to play in over 20 tournaments ranging from Modern Warfare 2 to Magic the Gathering. As if that wasn't enough, they brought in some great industry speakers, a wide variety of vendors and ran a cosplay contest judged by The Escapist's very own Susan Arendt with the help of Matt and Erin from Penny Dreadful Productions. As the Platinum Sponsor for the event, The Escapist was able to get some great exclusive video coverage found here and in Susan's "Context Sensitive" column.

To add to the fun, The Escapist ran a Scavenger Hunt prior to CGS, with prize packs coming directly from the event sponsors themselves, including Dust Off, Hampton Inn Goldsboro, Game Pax, PNY and Vibras 5.1. We chose 5 winners at random who got all of the Scavenger Hunt questions correct and are being sent some amazing prize packs!

Grand Prize Winners bandit_fox and idiot445 won prize packs consisting of:

Total Value over $550.00!

Runner-Up Winners Rg has Faith, pneuma08 and spunkenhimer received prize packs which included:

Total Value over $350.00!

Congratulations to the winners! To everyone who participated, keep an an eye on The Escapist for more upcoming events and contests for your chance at some great prizes!

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