GameTrailers Kicks God of War Hype Train Into Full Gear

| 26 Feb 2010 15:08

Do you want to see a "titanic," nearly-twenty-minute look at Sony Santa Monica's God of War III? Don't lie to me; of course you do.

I'm going to be honest with you guys: Before right now, my feelings for God of War III were pretty much "eh." The first two games were good, sure, and notable for a whopping sense of scale, but they were never really my favorite things in the world. I could respect the vision in them, but it felt like the games actually just came down to doing the same thing over and over to slice through a cavalcade of mostly-identical nemeses. God of War III? Sure, it'd be good, but it seemed to just be another case of Sony fanboys hyping the hell out of one of its exclusives (See also: 2, Killzone and 4, Metal Gear Solid).

Now, having seen almost twenty minutes of gameplay thanks to Gametrailers TV's Geoff Keighley's visit to the Sony Santa Monica HQ? I can summarize my reaction in two words:

Holy crap. Count me on board this hype train, choo-choo!

The game looks stellar; the sense of scale with the Titans is absolutely astronomical, and it sounds like they're trying to genuinely improve the game from "Mash Square until bored, then mash Triangle instead - and now have a random puzzle room!" There were a few moments where the animations looked slightly off (especially while characters were falling), but overall that game looks genuinely stunning, and well worth the four or five years of development.

I mean, it might even be enough to stop me playing StarCraft II for an entire week.

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