This Lost Planet 2 Gameplay Trailer is Stunning

| 9 Mar 2010 16:40

It might not have Marcus and Dom in it, but this Lost Planet 2 trailer with nearly three minutes of gameplay footage does a damn good job at selling this game.

The first Lost Planet really slipped under my radar, unfortunately - from what I heard, I missed a decent if not outstanding game; a good experience but nothing worth stressing out over.

If all of the Lost Planet 2 trailers make the game look this good, though? Well, I know for certain that I probably won't want to miss round two. The first minute or so is made up entirely of cutscenes - cutscenes using the in-game engine, yes, but cutscenes nonetheless - so it doesn't really get interesting until you hit that minute mark and it shifts to all gameplay footage, all the time.

The environments look cool, with standard brown-and-gray mixed in with some lush greenery and bleak snowfields. The third-person action looks cool. The monsters look cooler. It's like a big, sci-fi version of Capcom's other "Kill giant monsters game," Monster Hunter - only this one might actually sell more then ten copies in the States.

This is how you do a trailer, kids. Nice one, Capcom.

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