Music Video Proudly Proclaims "I Play WoW"

| 23 Mar 2010 10:50

Many of us know how hard it can be to deal with overbearing parents or girlfriends who want to cuddle when we just want to get our WoW fix, so it's about time that somebody made a rap video out of it.

Anyone who regularly reads our news posts will probably know that I have a soft spot for a few things, and those things include nerd rap and uber-MMOG World of Warcraft. So you better believe that when I saw in my inbox this morning a music video from nerd entertainer Jace Hall proudly proclaiming his love for WoW, it made my day (and it wasn't even 10 AM yet!).

This music video to Jace's song "I Play WoW" hilariously illustrates the problems that we Warcraft players face on a day-to-day basis. Girlfriends wanting to cuddle? Parents wanting us to go eat healthily? People dragging us outside - don't they know there are bears outside?! - to go do other things? Screw that, I have to hit up Icecrown Citadel and kill the Lich King!

The song itself is catchy, and the production values are sky-high and through the roof. And just try to tell me you didn't crack a smile when you saw the barbecue-ing orc, because you did and you know it.

And of course, any Jace Hall WoW production wouldn't be the same without some swipes at the man's rival (and geek sweetheart) Felicia Day. There's actually an entire verse dedicated to their friendly rivalry - which may be better or worse than killing her character over and over again, I haven't decided.

No, it's not the most dope rap song or video ever released, but it put a smile on my face, and I have a hunch it'll do the same to you.

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