Valve Teases New Gameplay Modes for L4D2

| 25 Mar 2010 13:43

The upcoming The Passing DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 might only feature three original L4D Survivors, but it'll make up for that with more gameplay modes. Yes, plural.

There's been quite a hubbub surrounding the upcoming DLC planned for Valve's zombie-killing Left 4 Dead 2, first around the initial news that it would be a crossover with Left 4 Dead 1, and then with the news that one of the original Survivors would be kicking the bucket.

In a post to the L4D blog announcing that L4D2 would be half price until the end of the day today - so go buy it if you haven't already because it's awesome - Valve offered some teasers as to what fans could expect from The Passing:

A Wicked Witch Bride!
A Gargantuan M60!
A Slashing Golf Club!
And Introducing The Fallen Survivor!
Meet 3 Left 4 Dead 1 Survivors!
New Game Modes!

Was that a typo? Game Modes? Didn't we mean Game MODE? Did we mean to include that "S"?!?!?


There's some interesting information there: Unsurprisingly, The Passing will introduce a new melee weapon (the golf club) and a new gun (the M60 - I'm assuming they mean the machine gun?), but it will also introduce "a wicked Witch bride," "the fallen Survivor," and "new Game Modes" - with emphasis on the plural.

That's all very intriguing. Who's marrying a Witch? Will the slain L4D Survivor return as an Infected? And what new gameplay modes could there possibly be - Capture the Cure, perhaps?

We'll find out soon enough, but it's fun to speculate.

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