Google Teams up With Nintendo for Wii Game

| 31 Mar 2010 15:31

Google's name will soon be appearing alongside Nintendo's on a new Japanese Wii game

And Kensaku is an upcoming Wii game from developer Shift, and will make use of data from Google as players compete with one another to guess which search term has the most results. The game comes will 10,000 terms on the disc, and more can be added via the Wii's Wi-Fi connection.

It's a far cry from the rumors that circulated back in 2008 that Google was planning to buy Valve, but it's interesting to see the company dabbling in areas you might not expect. So far, And Kensaku is only scheduled for a Japanese release, and taking a look at the screenshots, it doesn't look like it would have much appeal outside the country.

If for some reason you want to buy And Kensaku it is released on 29th April and will cost 4,800 yen, or a little over fifty bucks.

Source: 1up

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