The Witcher is Coming to Facebook

| 9 Apr 2010 13:24

Get ready for your head to explode: The Witcher, the hit hardcore RPG from 2007, is coming to Facebook.

It's an interesting combination, isn't it? The depth, complexity and rigid challenge of The Witcher made it a favorite of core RPG fans; Facebook is popular with people who care about "stupid farms." But German gaming company gamigo is bringing the two together with an updated, English-language release of The Witcher: Versus, a browser-based game that will soon be coming to Facebook and the iPhone.

The Witcher: Versus features PvP dueling along with PvE combat, quests, achievements and even support for guilds, realm vs. realm warfare and town building. Players will be able to level up to unlock new skills and travel ever further out into the world of The Witcher. There's also some incentive for fans of the series who may not want to give it up for Facebook: The new version of the game will let players unlock items for use in the upcoming Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

I played around with the browser-based version of the game and it's a bit rough around the edge but appears surprisingly complex. Will it be enough to attract the proud core gamer demographic to the videogame slums of Facebook? Is this chocolate and peanut butter - or windshield and bug? I don't expect to see too many moms spending a lot of time with this one, but getting some witching (witchering? witchizziting?) done on an iPhone while you're trapped in a waiting room somewhere sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

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