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The land of the ice and snow, the midnight sun where the hot springs don't blow. 
September 3, 1993 
Kinsoku jikō desu 
Don't spend an unnecessary amount of time trying to sum up your view on the world in one sentence; you've got better things to do... or maybe not. Also this: 
I like videogames, anime and manga. I sort of like drawing and music as well, but I am not very knowledgeable on either field. And I suppose I am rather interested in weapons, though that might just be in an "other side of the fence" kind of way. 
I play the bass and trombone. I am not all that fond of people, but in small doses they're okay. In fact; at the end of weekends I may catch myself looking forward to seeing my classmates, but after the first few classes, I miss my internet. 
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