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"what a pity, what a shame" said the turnip head
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"what a pity, what a shame" said the turnip head 
the deapths of insanity 
April 3, 1993 
professional slacker 
I hold your hand gently, a dance for us two. With love, I do control you. The small of your back is the string I attach, my hands love to play with the wooden thatch. But if my life makes yours then answer me dear, am I the puppet, or the puppeteer? 
the corruption of human kind, the death of god, and the final moments of life.
my entire existance revolves around playing with your mind and fiddling with your insanity untill that which makes you human is no longer left...
other than that I like video 
I have alot of very odd ideas about the inner maginations of the world. both real and video games.
if you wish to go insane, then talk to me for an extended period of time 
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