Ad-Free Viewing

The most basic benefit for being a part of the Publisher's Club is freedom from ads on the site. Here are a whole array of ads that you will not be subjected to as a PubClub member:

  • Banner Ads
  • Site Skin Ads
  • Video Player Pre-roll Ads
  • Video Player Overlay Ads
  • Video Player Post-roll Ads
  • Video Player Sponsorships

You'll also be free from any fun new types of advertising that the future brings! There are a few exceptions to this, which we do need to mention:

  1. We can't remove ads in services we don't control - primarily our site search, which is provided by Google and has their ads in it. Embedded videos from other sites (like YouTube, GameTrailers, etc) may also contain advertising from their respective owners.
  2. We don't consider the callout boxes that occasionally display on the front page or the site sidebar, some site skins, or some specially skinned content/event pages to be ads. These link to Escapist driven initiatives including but not limited to our contests, special content, charities, merchandise or events that we think deserve more promotion than just a news post.

Automatic Contest Entry

As a PubClub member, you'll automatically be entered into any contest that you're eligible for, without needing to enter yourself. There are also special contests and events that only Publisher's Club members can participate in. In most cases, when a PubClub-exclusive event is announced, we'll send all PubClub members a private message to let them know.

Some contests have legal restrictions on where the winners can be located - for example, being a U.S. resident. These restrictions are placed by the contest sponsors, and we can't change them. In this case, any PubClub members that win will also need to meet those extra requirements in order to receive the prize.

Reserved TF2 Server Slots

You may not know this, but Kross maintains several Team Fortress 2 servers for the community to enjoy. These servers have several reserved slots each for PubClub members. In order to get this priority access, just update your user profile to include your Steam account and you'll be added to the list next time the servers update. It may take a few hours after your profile is updated for the server to update.

For more information on The Escapist's TF2 servers - including the current server addresses - please visit the Team Fortress 2 User Group.

Motto of the Moment

Shortly after the PubClub launched, some of the newly-minted members found that not having anything in the space where there used to be advertising was disconcerting. Thus the Motto of the Moment was born. At random intervals, it will select the motto of a Publisher's Club member to display for everyone to enjoy, along with a link to that member's profile. It's a good way to get to know a little more about your fellow members.

If you'd like to see the Motto of the Moment, visit your subscription options page, available from your user profile, and turn on the "Motto Panel" option. If you'd like your own motto to display in the rotation, all you need to do is be a Publisher's Club member and have a motto filled in on your profile. Make sure to keep it appropriate for public viewing!

A Thing About Stuff

Though the Motto of the Moment filled the empty place left by the banner at the top of the site, we also needed to fill in the space at the bottom of the forums left by removing that ad. One of the options, and the default, is a listing of the latest forum threads on the Exclusive PubClub Forums. Not everyone wants that though, and Shamus Young, creator of Stolen Pixels, Shamus Plays, and Experienced Points was gracious enough to provide us with another option: A Thing About Stuff.

A Thing About Stuff is a banner-sized comic that randomly rotates within the space where there used to be an advertisement. If you'd like to see the comic, visit your subscription options page, available from your user profile, and select "A Thing About Stuff Comic" from the "Forum Footer Ad" option.

Publisher's Club Badge

All PubClub members automatically receive the Publisher's Club badge, and have a similar Publisher's Club icon added to their user profile. You don't have to show it off, but it's there if you want to.