Partner Promotions and Discounts

Publisher's Club members get benefits and discounts at a variety of other places on the internet. We're constantly working to improve this list, so check back regularly for new updates and additions.

Discounts at The Escapist store!

Looking for a stuffed imp, a cool shirt, a hat, bumper sticker, or even a shot glass featuring content from your favorite site? Publisher's Club members get 10% off any merch available in The Escapist Store.

Free Shipping and Overclocking from Origin PC!

Thinking of purchasing a new gaming computer? The folks at Origin PC are offering US Publisher's Club members Free Shipping on purchases of all computers, in addition to free Overclocking for Desktops or a free messenger bag with Laptops!

Shipping Discounts from!

Whether you're filling the gaps in your comic collection with back issues for $.50, keeping up-to-date with the latest releases through the aggregate comic book subscription system, or learning the ropes for your new tabletop campaign, SciFiGenre has you covered! Publisher's Club members receive $10 off shipping costs on orders over $25!

Publisher's Club Discount at Edges of Reality!

Have you been looking for the perfect Uruk-Hai sword to finish out your LotR collection? What about Kratos' Blade of Chaos from God of War? If you are a collector of fantasy swords and weapons, or even a hobbyist looking for an authentic recreation of a Persian scimitar, Edges of Reality has you covered. And, with Publisher's Club, you can get an additional 5% off purchases of up to $100 and 7.5% off purchases over $100*!

* These products are not toys, and weapon laws are different everywhere, so be sure to check their Policies Page and your local laws before placing an order!

Exclusive Escapist Pony in Horse Club!

In Horse Club, you can start your journey in becoming a champion jockey, cowboy or equestrian and challenge all your friends throughout Facebook. Publisher's Club members get an exclusive Escapist Pony and bonus credits in the game marketplace.