Exclusive PubClub Forums

Hidden from normal view, PubClub members have access to a special set of forums reserved only for them. There is nothing particularly different about the forum, but with access dramatically limited and far fewer people posting everything moves a bit slower. If you prefer a smaller, tigher-knit community, this is the best place for it.

To access these forums, just hit the forums index while you're logged in, and look for the Member Forums section. Jackets are optional.

The Audience Panel

One extra-special forum available as part of the PubClub membership is the Audience Panel forum. In this forum, the site staff pose questions about site features and content, and ask for advanced feedback. The answers in these threads help guide the development of future site features.

In addition to surveys, the Audience Panel will also include sneak peeks at site features in development, and even beta tests of features not yet accessible to the public.

Custom Titles

Sick of being a Paperboy or Copy Clerk? Long since Gone Gonzo? Forever branded a Nobel Laureate? Fear not! As a Publisher's Club member, you can set your own forum title!

Your custom title will replace the normal auto-assigned title on all your forum posts. If you have a unique title assigned to your account, for winning a contest for example, your custom title will appear in addition to your unique one.

To set your custom title, visit your subscription options page, available from your user profile. You can change it as often as you'd like, so don't worry too much about getting it perfect the first time. Make sure to keep it appropriate for public viewing!

Larger Avatars

As a small bonus to membership, Publisher's Club members can have 100x100 avatars instead of the normal 75x75 ones. In order to use a larger avatar, just upload a new avatar once you're a PubClub member and you'll be able to keep the larger image.

Thread Preview Tooltips

Based on a suggestion from one of our Publisher's Club members, we now provide tooltip previews for forum threads that include the first section of the first post in a thread. This makes it easy to glance at a thread's content without having to click the link and wait for the page to load.

Because of the extra bandwidth and processing this feature adds, it's currently limited to PubClub members only.