High Quality Video

As a Publisher's Club member, you have access to video encoded at a much higher quality than the videos we normally display. All of our videos are available in the high quality video format, but because not all connections are created equal, you have the option to select which type of video you're seeing at any time.

There are two places to change this option. The first and easiest method is on the video pages, located directly under the video - just click the link labelled "View High Quality" or "View Standard Quality" to switch between them. You can also set your preferred quality level by visiting your subscription options page, available from your user profile.

HTML5 Video Player

For those of you that really don't want to use Flash, we also have an HTML5 player available for compatible browsers. To enable the HTML5 player, click the link labelled "View HTML5" underneath any video. You can also change this setting from your subscription options page, available from your user profile.

As of the time of this writing, HTML5 support is available using H.264 video in Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9. Firefox 4 and Opera will see the HTML5 player using WebM-encoded video. Other browsers will fall back to the Flash player even if HTML5 video is enabled.

Mobile Video Access

For Publisher's Club members, our videos are also available for viewing on any mobile devices that can handle H.264-encoded videos. To access the videos from your mobile device just use your web browser, and make sure you log into the site. On video pages, the player will be replaced with a static image that you can select to start playing the video. Devices that are known to work include:

  • Apple iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Apple iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 7

In the case of the iPad, having the HTML5 video player enabled will also allow the videos to play inside the web browser. All other devices will open the videos in their full-screen player.