Anthony Saves The World
Episode 1.1: Victory Points

Mikey Neumann | 2 Feb 2011 17:00
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The premiere episode of Mikey Neumann (Borderlands) and Antony Burch's (HAWP) new webseries: "Anthony Saves the World." Brought to you by Ovaltine.

On a very special episode of Anthony Saves the World, Anthony learns something very important about himself and the man he is to be. This is after they attempt to settle a dispute over a game of Catan. Little does Anthony know, you're actually supposed to place your own pieces.

Anthony Saves The World is an independent project of Mikey Neumann, Creative Director of GearBox Software (Borderlands), and Anthony Burch, creator of hit web series HAWP. It takes the best aspects of science fiction and effortlessly mutates them into something that cannot be deemed "science" or "fiction."