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Q&A With The Escapists

Team Hollywood | 18 Sep 2012 02:30
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You've got questions, we've got answers. If you've ever wondered how Yahtzee learned to talk so fast, why MovieBob hates Michael Bay, why Jim is banned from Konami events or if Gavin really is that bad at Call of Duty, now's your chance to ask. Escapist staff will be pulling questions directly from the audience, so be ready to be curious.

Yahtzee Croshaw - Zero Punctuation
Bob Chipman - MovieBob, Escape to the Movies
Jim Sterling - Jimquisition
Graham Stark - LoadingReadyRun
Cory Rydell - Artist Critical Miss
Gavin Dunne - Miracle of Sound
Chris Pranger - No Right Answer
Mark J Kline - Ask Dr. Mark
Paul Saunders - LoadingReadyRun
(Moderator)Susan Arendt - Executive Editor at The Escapist

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