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076: Dead Island's Bloody Torso and Our 2013 Gaming Picks

The Escapist Staff | 18 Jan 2013 17:00
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This week, we discuss food (obviously), Burmese pythons, Deep Silver and its uniquely designed zombie torso, our ideas for a Fallout inspired TV show and the games we're looking forward to the most in 2013.

The cast this week: Susan Arendt, Janelle Bonanno, Paul Goodman and Josh Vanderwall.

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Josh Vanderwall, News Manager: @Encaen
Paul "Flash" Goodman, Assistant Editor: @WMDogma
Janelle Bonanno, Content Partnerships Manager: @s0osleepie

Music courtesy of : Unreal Tournament "Club Showdown"

Running Time: 1 hour, 39 minutes.

00:00 Soundcheck & Favorite Regional Foods
08:16 Introductions
10:41 Paul's New Title: "Flash Gordon" Editor
14:10 Florida's Solution to its Burmese Python Problem
23:57 An Actual Reality TV Show... Set On Mars.
29:20 Zombies, Run! App
33:10 Our Ideas for a Fallout-inspired TV show
44:42 "Dead Island: Riptide's Dismembered Statue" Incident
1:04:03 Our Favorite Pieces of Collectible Gaming Swag
1:13:50 Janelle Realizes She's a Genki Girl
1:15:00 We Like Constructive Feedback!
1:18:45 What Games We're Looking Forward To in 2013
1:37:00 Outro

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