14 Year-Old Breaks Guinness Guitar Hero Record


Guitar Hero has remained a mainstream spectacle as the media covers the next plastic guitar prodigy score nearly a million points on “Through Fire and Flames”.

At a Best Buy somewhere in Grapevine, Texas, 14 year-old Danny Johnson has set a world record for the highest Guitar Hero III score with his most recent run of “Through Fire and Flames”, netting a staggering 973,954 points.

Johnson used his own original timing of the game’s “Star Power” point boost to topple the previous record of 899,703 by such a wide margin.

“You really have a choice of using Star Power during Red Snake or during the Twin Solo,” he noted.

As Johnson neared the end of the 3,722 note song, the blue button on his guitar broke, leaving him to play the last 200 notes down one note. This was the latest casualty in his string of instrument destruction over the past nine months, with the death tole in the 80s.

Danny’s dad Scott Johnson commented, “When you’re hitting that many notes and playing that fast, it just terrorizes the controller.”

The boy is a natural musician, playing the guitar, drums, saxophone and oboe in his daily life. Rather than hurting his performance, Danny believes Guitar Hero provides decent practice for tackling real musical challenges.

He explained, “Oh, there’s no question Guitar Hero helps. Like when you go from Guitar Hero to doing real quick hammer-ons on a real guitar, it’s actually pretty easy.”

Source: New York Times

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