1930s Styled Game Cuphead Likely A Trilogy


Indie game Cuphead will be released as a trilogy, of sorts.

Cuphead is quite the unique game: a 2D shooter with a hint of jazz and animations hand-drawn in the style of 1930s cartoons. The protagonist, as you can guess, is a figure with a cup for a head who must battle evil flowers and mean bats. That’s about all we knew about the game when it was announced at this year’s E3 during the Microsoft press conference.

New information has surfaced about Cuphead and its two-person development team at StudioMDHR. Brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer have been working on the game since 2010. They have a unique approach to the development of the game where they work on the artwork first, which is about 40% complete, to then use that material to create the battling mechanics.

Despite being less than halfway done with the game, the developers have plans to create expansion packs that build off the first game to then create a trilogy, of sorts. Other interesting facts about the game is that it will consist of only boss battles, and that the protagonist is trying to pay off his gambling debt to the Devil.

The game is set to release sometime in 2015 on PC and Xbox One.

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