1979 Revolution Fails Kickstarter, Will Reboot the Revolution


The game based on the events of the Iranian Revolution, has its own website and will launch its own crowdfunding campaign off of Kickstarter.

Sometimes games inspire players to learn a little bit more about history. Sometimes games are entirely about history. 1979 Revolution hit Kickstarter a month ago to fund a game based on the events and consequences of the Islamic revolution in Iran. Closing today at about $304,000 of its $395,000 goal, 1979 Revolution was not a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, but the campaign isn’t over yet. It will continue on an official website for the game.

In an update on Kickstarter, developer iNK Stories wrote in a tone not conveying disappointment but excitement for the game’s future. The team wrote the amount of support was “staggering.” The Kickstarter campaign ended about $100,000 short of its goal, but over 1600 people backed the project.

The game’s new crowdfunding campaign will take place on its equally new website. (At the moment, this is the temporary link to the new site.) It just started and it was $12,154 so far. iNK Stories asks that everyone who backed the game on Kickstarter match their pledges on the official site, which will have new rewards with lower prices, as Kickstarter won’t be taking out fees.

1979 Revolution is planned to launch in spring 2014. Backing the project for $10 will get you an iOS or Android version of the game while backing it for $15 rewards you with a PC, Mac, or Linux version.

“Fun” can have a different meaning from game to game. Sometimes it means experiencing a real life event re-envisioned as a game of exploration, emotion, stealth, and danger.

Source: Kickstarter

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