2K Games Announces Bioshock Cover Art Winners, Big Daddy Photos


2K Games has announced the winner of its Bioshock Cover Art Contest, and provided an early glimpse at the prototype for the Big Daddy figurine that will be included with the Limited Edition.

Adam Meyer, owner of the graphic design company Crystal Clear Art, took first place with his entry, and will win a copy of the Bioshock Limited Edition for the PC and Xbox 360, as well as an all-expense paid trip to the Bioshock launch party in August.

Jason Montgomery was awarded second for his complex art deco design, while Alun Bestor, who was left “positively agape” by the news, placed third with an entry that may seem oddly familiar to veteran internet users.

2K Games has also offered a first look an a prototype Big Daddy figurine, which will be included in Limited Edition copies of the game. As a prototype, the basic design is complete but the coloring is not yet finalized. According to the website, photos of the finalized model will be available in a few days.

The Bioshock Cover Art contest winners and runners-up are available for viewing here. Photos of the work-in-progress Big Daddy figurine can be found here.

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