3D Rock Video Rocking the 3DS After Sunday’s Update


If you love dogs, you’ll adore the 3D video by the rock band who has reinvented the short music video format.

OK Go first gained internet stardom with the video for their song “Here It Goes Again” which had the foursome dancing around on treadmills in a tightly choreographed number. They later added an outdoor marching band sequence and an amazing Rube Goldberg machine to their repertoire. But Nintendo announced that the video for their latest song “White Knuckles” will be available on the Home Screen of your 3DS in full 3D goodness. The video again is one shot, but it features some of the most well-behaved and adorable canines that you’ve ever seen.

If you can’t wait, or don’t plan on getting a 3DS, here it is in 2D:

I love the ingenuity of OK Go’s video makers – and the performing chops of the band to pull it off – but I think that Nintendo has a really great idea here. If the dancing and jumping dogs in the foreground work well, this video will show off the technical capabilities of the device perfectly.

It’s also a really cool idea to have content like this populate the home page of the 3DS. It may feel a little out of place watching something so overtly American in the cute interface that Nintendo is known for, but videos like this will increase the cool factor of the handheld as it tries to beat out the iPhone and upcoming Xperia Play.

Incidentally, Japanese customers will receive Koji Kondo and friends playing the Super Mario theme instead of OK Go. The videos will come off the 3DS when the next update comes around, so be sure to watch it in 3D glory when you can.

Source: Joystiq

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