3DS System Update Brings New StreetPass Games


The new update also adds the ability to backup saves for digital games and Virtual Console titles.

Firmware update v6.0.0-11 hit the 3DS today, and along with the usual tug-of-war flashcart blocking measures, is a bit of exciting news for anyone who is a fan of the system’s StreetPass feature. Europeans are reporting that the new update allows them to upgrade their Mii Plaza with a shop that sells four new StreetPass games. The games are:

  • StreetPass Squad (Like Find Mii in space, battle Gold Bone Gang)
  • StreetPass Garden (Move into a house, grow flowers, and decorate a garden)
  • StreetPass Battle (Strategy game, build a StreetPass army and conquer the world)
  • StreetPass Mansion (Solve a paranormal mystery in a haunted house)

Unfortunately, they cost actual cash money. On the European store, they are €5 (around $7) each, or €15 for all four of them. You can get new hats (like a Pixel Mario cap) and even outfits as rewards from the game.

Also included in the update is the ability to create backup saves for your digitally downloaded 3DS games, as well as Virtual Console titles. This feature is accessed from the main menu, although it doesn’t sound like Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate are supported.

The StreetPass feature has been an amazing little addition to the system that I have thoroughly enjoyed. The fact that it is included by default with every system ensures that I get a steady stream of Miis flowing into my console. I’m sure it helps that I live in Japan, but for you American and European users, Nintendo is planning to turn Wi-Fi access points in thousands of locations across America and Europe into “StreetPass Stations.”

Currently, the update only seems to be available to European users.

Source & Image: Tiny Cartridge

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