3DS Will Be First 3D Device to Sell Big, Says Nintendo


Thanks to the 3DS, you could one day watch Avatar in all its 3D glory while on the bus or the train. Just, y’know, really small.

The 3DS come with a pretty hefty price tag for a handheld, but even so, it’s much more affordable than a 3D capable TV. In fact, Nintendo thinks that the 3DS will be the first 3D capable device that sells in any kind of significant volume, and it says that it’s going to capitalize on any business opportunities that come its way because of that.

Nintendo has signed deals with Nippon Television and Fuji Television to distribute video on the 3DS in Japan, and it would seem that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata hopes to make similar deals in the West. Iwata said that a number of Hollywood studios appeared to be interested in the 3DS, and there was a possibility of Nintendo entering into a business relationship with some of these studios in order to bring 3D movies to the device.

Iwata is probably right when he says that the 3DS will be at the forefront of 3D media for the immediate future, but whether it’s going to take off as a movie player is much less certain. Still, it’s interesting to see Nintendo openly courting Hollywood like this, as until now, movies seemed to be pretty far down on its list of priorities.

Source: CVG

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