4A Games Reveals New Metro: Last Light Screens


With the new year upon us, let us give thanks that at least we’re not living in monster-infested tunnels under the bombed-out ruins of a dead civilization.

Not much to say here but plenty to see thanks to the good folks at THQ and Ukrainian studio 4A Games, which doled out almost a dozen new Metro: Last Light screens over the holidays. Like a twisted Norman Rockwell from hell, they mostly capture the bleak moments of life beneath the surface of a vicious, dying world, but that’s pretty much what Metro is all about and from that perspective, these screens look pretty good.

In fact, they might even look a little too good. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but the indoor scenes look just a little bit insufficiently apocalyptic, at least compared to my memories of Metro 2033, in which even the nicest station, Polis, isn’t much more than a post-industrial Inferno.

Despite the recent struggles of publisher THQ, Metro: Last Light appears to be chugging along at full steam and will be out in March for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Source: Facebook

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