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8 Amazing Battlefield Videos


Battlefield: Hardline hits stores today, so we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the best videos Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 had to offer. From in-game stunts to carefully crafted machinima, DICE’s flagship shooter has provided gamers with plenty of awesome moments in recent years. All that remains now is to see if the Hardline videos can top these. Think you can pull it off?

Check out all the videos, and tell us your favorite in the comments!

C4 Quad vs Heli (Battlefield 4)
By Blitzeh

Sometimes in Battlefield 4, you can get the feeling that there are helicopters everywhere. Good pilots can make life miserable for ground troops, but sometimes the ground troops get creative fighting back. Such is the case in this video. A lone soldier loads up an ATV with C4, and then sends it on a ballistic trajectory to take out an enemy chopper.

ONE (Battlefield 3)
By Robert Stoneman

On Battlefield 3’s “Caspian Border” map, the US forces are piling up a hefty lead, and one sniper is littering the field with Russian bodies. But one Russian soldier won’t give up, and he wants the sniper. Can he fight through an entire army to get to the sniper, or will a bullet end his mission?

Jet-A-Ski (Battlefield 4)
By ponylionHD

So, you can’t hit that jet with your RPG while riding your jet ski? No problem! Just load your jet ski on the wing of this A-10, and we’ll take to skies to shoot down planes with our RPG. It’s an idea that’s so crazy, it just might work.

Comrades II Sons of Russia (Battlefield 4)
By REC Filming Platoon

After American forces capture a Russian facility in Zone 17 of northern Ukraine, the Russian military opts to send in the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance, Division 8 squad. The elite troopers of S.T.A.R. 8 must retrieve vital information from the facility to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

1,000 Mines Exploding (Battlefield 3)
By Hazard Cinema

Explosions are good, right? If that’s true, then 1,000 explosions must be way, way better. This video shows off the explosive equivalent of a room full of dominoes being knocked over. Mines are placed so that the explosion of one triggers the next, and the chain reaction can do all sorts of things, including launching a tank nearly into orbit.

Through My Eyes (Battlefield 4)
By The Two Scotsmen – Hoodoo_Operator

One man’s war, as seen in Battlefield 4. As the nameless soldier goes from battle to battle, he gets shot at, dodges explosions, and watches his comrades fall. One man’s war is a powerful experience, and editing in this machinima really drives it home, despite it lasting just over two minutes.

Jet Swap (Battlefield 3)
By Stun_gravy

When there’s an enemy jet on your tail, your jet is almost destroyed, and you can’t seem to shake him, what do you do? Spend all day thinking about it, and I doubt you’d come to the same conclusion Stun_gravy did: Bail out, shoot the pilot of the other jet, and steal his plane. It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what he did.

Moments (Battlefield 3)
By Robert Stoneman

Fifteen Battlefield 3 players got together to recreate the awesome moments captured by Battlefield players everywhere, except instead of basic in-game footage, it’s done in the cinematic style of the very best machinima. It’s five minutes of amazing footage, all inspired by other videos.

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