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8 Best Alternate Superhero Costumes


Without their signature threads, superheroes are basically nothing. Sure, they still have that whole “super” and “hero” thing going for them, but what distinguishes them from one another is largely tied to their costumes. The clothing serves largely as a calling card, and serves to make them instantly recognizable both within their worlds and in ours. But sometimes, alternate costumes can be just as cool – if not cooler – than a hero’s more iconic outfits. This gallery highlights some of the best alternate superhero costumes that we’ve seen throughout the years. Did I miss your favorite? That’s what comment sections are for!


Spider-Man – Black Suit

Sure, maybe it was a sentient alien lifeform trying to permanently bond to him and was depleting his energy, but man, was that cool looking looking. But so was the cloth one that the Black Cat made for him after he got rid of the symbiote suit. Either way, the black suit was definitely cooler than his staple red and blue threads, and came with the added bonus of making him stealthier at night. You know, because it was black.


Wolverine – X-Force

Even when he was wearing obnoxious yellow spandex, no one would dare suggest that Wolverine was anything short of a stone-cold badass. As a character, Wolverine is intimidating, not because of his threads, but rather in spite of them. Until, that is, X-Force. While the style isn’t a drastic departure from his signature costume, the color palette is given a shake-up with black and silver. And glowing red eyes of course.


Deadpool – X-Force

Wolverine certainly wasn’t the only superhero to get an X-Force makeover – there was also everyone’s favorite antihero, the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool. He was an obvious choice – a nearly unkillable killer with loose morals. His new threads follow the same path as Wolverine’s – nearly identical in style, but with the grey color swap. Regardless, it was badass.


Spider-Man Iron Spider Armor

Yup, Spider-Man is, in fact, on this list twice. With how many different costumes he’s worn, I think twice is fair. The Iron Spider costume has is legitimately badass. It’s basically just an Iron Man suit, but in the style of a Spider-Man costume. Rocket boots, mechanical arms… there’s no way this beauty wasn’t making the list.


Iron Man – Hulkbuster Suit

The Hulkbuster suit took the big and bad Iron Man Suit and made it bigger and badder. As the name suggests, it was designed for maximum strength with the intention of being able to take on the Hulk during hand-to-hand combat. This hunk of super-strong technology is no joke.


Batman – Suit of Sorrows

Batman didn’t really need to rely on clothing to make him cooler. If his coolness were to be dictated by his attire, however, then he was never any cooler than when he was wearing the Suit of Sorrows. Sure, it may have been slowly corrupting him and turning him into a violent jerk, but it was so cool looking.


Superman – Godfall Costume

While Batman may not need clothing to make him cooler, it certainly serves a purpose in making him stronger. That’s not a concern for Superman. Any costume change for Superman is simply that – a clothing change. This happens to be one of his best.


Harley Quinn

Oh, puddin! Ok, so Harley may not technically meet the criteria for “superhero,” but I could not pass up the opportunity to share this look. I don’t really think any drawn out explanation is necessary.

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