8 Bit Music Video Features Frogger, Abe Lincoln, Wolfman


This 8 bit animated music video for Keelay’s “Dollar Billz” features a few videogame stars, and is also just plain cool.

This animated music video for Keelay’s “Dollar Billz” is worth a watch for old-school art fans even if the music is not your bag. Videogame cameos are made by Frogger and Bernard and Syd from Maniac Mansion, with Keelay taking on the role of Pac-Man at one point. The real star of the video is Abe Lincoln, though the video doesn’t just feature plain old Abe Lincoln the whole time, it also features Frankenstein Abe Lincoln. And a naked George Washington.

8 bit music videos seem to be getting me into more music lately that I wouldn’t normally be into. I’ve watched this video a few times just because of its awesome art style. It was created by Ben Ross for apparently $99 (though that sort of sounds like a joke, as Ben says he used it for an illegal copy of Flash).

A behind-the-scenes look at the video is available on YouTube, though its more of Ben Ross talking about his process and Keelay being creepy than an actual look at how the video was made. Still, it has Ben Ross’s unicorn uncle, and is worth a look. And now, I wait for the next cool old-school music video to hit the Internet while I save up for a Wolfman of my own.

Source: Attract Mode

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