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8 Countries That Have Declared Independence From England


Today we celebrate the independence of the United States of America. In the spirit of the holiday let’s also celebrate some other countries that also declared their independence from England. So let freedom ring and have a cup of tea on the Nanny-land.

With the Treaty of Rawalpindi in 1919, which coincided with the end of the Third Anglo-Afghan War, Afghanistan was declared a sovereign nation.

Australians really did the New Year right in 1901. On January 1st 1901 they established the Commonwealth of Australia.

Egypt threw off the English mantle in 1922, after its first modern revolution in 1919.

The Republic of India was a much larger place until 1947, when along with their independence India was split and created a Pakistan.

The United Kingdom got and lost Iraq in a relative short amount of time. They were given charge of it in 1920, and in 1932 they gave them their independence.

Jamaica, on the other hand, was under British rule for quite some time. England claimed the country from the Spanish in 1655, they maintained their presence until 1962.

Pakistan became a country in 1947 when it, and India, broke up with India.

The United States of America officially declared their independence from England. Since their separation they’ve gotten along, except for that one time they burned down the White House.

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