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8 Cute Cats To Make Your Day A Little Better


On this day in 1978 the popular comic strip Garfield debuted. To celebrate we give you eight cute cats that are guaranteed to make your day just a little better alongside Garfield quotes guaranteed to remind you why it’s a horrible comic.

“Hey, Nermal…let’s play astronaut again today.” – Garfield

“I’m happy when I’m with you, you delicate mélange…of tomato paste, ricotta cheese, ground meat and pasta!” – Garfield

“Love me. Feed me. Never leave me.” – Garfield

“Yeah, go on ahead. Uh … I’ll catch up with ya. It’s probably just a mild conclusion … or … or a skull fracture. Maybe I’ll get a cat scan. A CAT scan!” – Garfield

“Did I mention I rolled Odie up in a blanket and stuffed him onto the top shelf of the hall closet?” – Garfield

“I love the smell of cinnamon-apple in the morning. It smells like… victory.” – Garfield

“Whoa! You went in there to get a date and came out with a dog? Oh, that’s bad even for you. Oh, you’re so sad! Oh, no, no, no. We’re no bringing a dog home with us. Hey, I ride shotgun! What are you looking at, tick boy?” – Garfield

“Okay, go get ’em, big tiger. You the man. You the fella. You the boss. You preach to her. Show her how the cow eats the cabbage…you hopeless loser.” – Garfield

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