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8 Kittens to Remind Us That It Isn’t All Bad


There are so many horrific things going on in this world that we thought that everyone would appreciate some cute, non-threatening kittens. Sure there were two suicide bombers in Nigeria responsible for at least thirty deaths, but these kittens don’t care and just want you to be happy. They’ll help to remind us all that there’s more to this world than the 5,444 confirmed deaths that have been caused by Ebola. So sit back and let these cute kittens take your mind off of the riots currently going on in Ferguson, Missouri.

This cute little kitty is doing its best to help us all remember that just because twelve building were burned down in Ferguson amid the rioting, people can be good. Not everyone loots buildings and burns them down.

So the people working with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone aren’t getting paid for handling the deadly disease, and because of this they’re dumping the bodies of the dead in public. These kittens help to remind us all that the world isn’t full of money hungry politicians that downplay a deadly virus, and overworked aid workers that aren’t really handling non-payment well.

Sure the University of Virginia is deplorable, they’ve been turning a blind eye towards victims of sexual assault on campus. This kitten is here to help us all remember that this isn’t an epidemic, and hopefully other colleges will learn from their mistake and take the situation more seriously.

This little kitten is here to cheer us up. Sure we’re all becoming immune to antibiotics, which just means that when you need them they may not be able to help. So take a deep breath and take a look at that kitten and realize that everything will be okay.

Don’t fret, sure a house in Texas burned down and took the lives of five children, but here’s a kitten to help us all put everything into perspective and celebrate that the fire didn’t kill everyone in the house and some family members escaped.

This little puddle of cute is here to help distract us all from the fact that Syria killed 36 civilians in air strikes. They may have had a good reason, the town, Raqqa, is held by the Islamic State, ISIS to many. But the loss of civilian life is never a good thing, and thanks to this kitty we can realize that there is still quite a bit of beauty in this world.

A very happy kitty should help us all to forget that the United States government is still detaining people in Guantanamo Bay. They are holding 46 people indefinitely, as they don’t have sufficient admissible evidence to actually try them. This seems like a horrible thing to do to somebody, but this kitty just wants to remind us that, though they may have detained people illegally, they’ve also released over 600 prisoners that were being held there.

Some people are just plain horrible, just like the woman in Sydney who was found guilty of abandoning her baby in a drain. But on the upside we have this kitty, and the fact that the baby is alive and the mother has been caught and charged with attempted murder. So yay for justice and alive babies.

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