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8 More Amazingly Cheesy Retro Video Game Commercials


Yea ok, so maybe this is cheating, but I honestly don’t care. A recent Gallery of the Day included 8 cheesy retro video game commercials, but selecting only 8 was ridiculously hard, so this is part two. You’re welcome.


I wish I had a grandma like that.


This isn’t the cheesiest on the list – in fact, it may be the least cheesy commercial from both lists. But it was also fairly brilliant. “We recommend you try it at home.” I see what you did there.

The Legend of Zelda

The last list included The Legend of Zelda and the weird rap, but that doesn’t let the second LoZ commercial off the hook. With these commercials, I honestly don’t understand why anyone ever bought the games, but I’m glad they did.


The commercial for Centipede was arguably better than the game itself. Even knowing that, I still want to go play it after watching this commercial again.

Pole Position

Oh no you ain’t!

Phillips CD-i

Yes, this happened.

Ice Hockey

I’m not sure what’s more entertaining. The intense reaction to Ice Hockey or the clips from the game that don’t at all match the tone of the commercial. Either way, it’s fantastic and I’m happy it exists.

Kirby Super Star

I now have a new fear of hospitals.

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