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8 of the Most Hateable Video Game Characters


Video games have, throughout their history, blessed gamers with some truly memorable, iconic characters. However, not all characters are created equal. Sure there are some we love, and others that we love to hate. But then there are those ones that we just hate. They’re annoying, they show up at the worst times, and you want to punch them and often can’t. They’re worthless allies, annoying sidekicks, and unbeatable bosses. Today, we’ve compiled 8 of the worst offenders. Did we miss your most hated character? Sound off in the comments!


The Dog from Duck Hunt

It sucks to fail at a game. It’s worse to fail repeatedly. But when man’s best friend mocks your failure, and you can’t even shoot it with your light gun, well that’s just insult piled onto injury. That damned dog from Duck Hunt was arguably the worst offender as far as frustrating, annoying, and hateable video game characters go, and I would wager a guess that anyone who has played the game did attempt to assassinate him at least once. At least.


Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4

There are a lot of horrific creations that are met in the Resident Evil franchise, but none is worse than the President’s daughter, Ashley Graham. She’s defenseless and worthless and needs your help constantly. I mean, it wouldn’t kill her to pick up a weapon and make herself useful with it. It would probably do the exact opposite, actually. I’d rather volunteer as a test human for the Umbrella Corporation than spend any extended periods of time with Ashley Graham.


Kaepora Gaebora from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Kaepora Gaebora is one of the most frustrating parts of Ocarina of Time. Speaking to him is not optional, rather you are forced into it – and button-mashing to skip has to be timed perfectly, because the developers snuck in a “Do you want to hear this again?” Accidentally hitting that one sends you into a mind-bending spiral of reading everything he just told you a second time. And he’s not even helpful – he gives you tips on what to do and where to go, the same exact thing that Navi was doing.


Natalya from GoldenEye 007

There are a few phrases that have the ability to send gamers into a shock of Post Traumatic Gaming Disorder. “Water Temple” and “This room is an illusion and is a trap devised by Satan” come to mind. But so does “Defend Natalya.” I firmly believe Natalya was suicidal this entire game. It should have been so easy. Walk through a building with a woman, shoot a few guards, and not let her die. But she would constantly run directly into gunfire, because she has absolutely zero survival instincts. It’s hands down the worst escort mission ever. Never has failing a mission felt as good as it did when shooting that…thing… in the back of the head.


Baby Mario from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

You know how Yoshi can just, like, swallow things? Maybe – maybe – that wouldn’t have been the worst thing to happen in the game. Poor Yoshi had to deal with that screaming brat with separation anxiety annoying the hell out of him, and he took it like a champ. No one would have blamed him if there had just been a little “accident.”


Slippy Toad from StarFox 64

That voice. THAT VOICE. Oh god. This ridiculously annoying frog dude manage to be more hateable than any enemies you might be facing in the game. He’s like Navi. Hey. Hey. Hey. When you’re not receiving unsolicited and useless advice, you’re being asked to save him. And if you’re like me, you’re also wanting to say no.


Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

I hate Raiden because he spent all his time keeping me from playing as Snake. This spotlight-stealing pretty boy doesn’t look like the type of person who has any business sneaking up on people and taking them out.


Preston Garvey from Fallout 4

I bet there’s another settlement that needs your help. And I bet it’s been marked on your map.

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