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8 Puppies That Are The Definition Of Cute


Tuesdays can be tough days, so today we give you eight images that will help perk up your week. So buckle up and prepare for almost too much cute.

Make sure that you put on your sunglasses because otherwise you’ll be blinded by the cute. Seriously, cute blindness is a serious medical condition that’s been on the rise since 2004.

This puppy may seem cute but in reality he’s just looking into your soul trying to figure out if it’s really worth it to kill you in your sleep.

This puppy just wants to reach out and pet you. A common case of puppy confusion, where they forget that they’re an actual puppy and believe that you’re the puppy.

This puppy is truly tuckered out. He’s had quite a bit of stimulation and now just wants a nap. But before he takes that nap he just wants to let you know that his eyes are truly sad.

This little pup just wants to get you into the water so that it can drown you and take all of your stuff. You know that its been eyeing your Xbox One. Luckily Watch_Dogs hasn’t come out yet otherwise his plan would have already been put into effect.

These two brothers love to take walks through the garden … and then poop in said garden. The puppy motto is “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

This puppy’s in a deep coma and hopefully he’ll come out of it as soon as possible. His family doesn’t want to pull the plug but some things are just really hard to do. Such a sad story for such a cute picture.

This little guy has just discovered shadows. From this moment forward he shall fight his enemy til his dying day, which should be in about ten years.

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