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8 Sea Creatures You Wouldn’t Want To Meet In A Dark Alley


Today we give you several reasons to never go too deep into the ocean or near an ocean or look at an ocean ever again. If you do run into one of these sea monsters, we suggest that you go and find an adult.

The Dragonfish looks like something out of a nightmare. They may look terrifying, but they actually love to be pet. So if you see one, don’t be afraid and approach it and give it some love that it needs.

From looking at this Vampire Squid you may say: This isn’t a vampire, because it isn’t sparkling as did the vampires of yore. You’d be correct, it’s just a name and not an actual vampire. These majestic beasts are relics of a lost time, much like Sylvester Stallone.

The Fangtooth Fish may look nice and peaceful, but in reality it lurks in the depths of the ocean just waiting to kill. It makes up for its bad habits with its personality. It’s called the “best listener in the ocean.”

Hanging out at depths of 5000 meters, this Pacific Viperfish is definitely the introvert of the bunch. While the other fish usually go out on Fridays, the viperfish stays at home playing solitaire.

Anyone that thinks that your average shark is the height of scary hasn’t met the Frilled Shark. What makes this shark so scary is its resemblance to a waterlogged grandparent. Just look at them and imagine them giving you socks for Christmas.

The Gulper Eel, or Pelican Eel, is known to be a poor swimmer. They make up for this disadvantage by having glowing bait to attract their prey rather than having to swim after it. Don’t worry though, they tend not to eat humans, well unless that human is holding quite a bit of plankton.

Many people have an adverse reaction to spiders. Now imagine the spider is huge and also a crab. This Giant Spider Crab is definitely one of the scariest creatures to inhabit the depths of the ocean. If you see one don’t attempt to step on it, just run away.

The Giant Isopod, or also known as Get That Thing Away From Me, looks terrifying. What makes it even more frightening is if you’ve seen The Bay, then you know the terror that lurks beneath the surface. That and they eat your tongue and replace it with themselves.

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