Keelie, 27, says that Apple needs to get abreast of the situation.

Keelie, 27, says that Apple needs to get abreast of the situation.

Apple has banned a new iPhone newspaper reading application after it was found to contain “obscene content”: Page 3 of The Sun.

Newspaper, an application that brings content from worldwide papers to your iPhone, has been pushed back to OS 3.0, at which point there will be a suitable category for “that sort of thing”. Namely, topless ladies.

To those not familiar with The Sun, it’s one of the delightful English tabloids that give “the working man” the news in bite-sized chunks, and throws in pictures of half-dressed men (page 7) and women (page 3).

The Sun has always prided itself on being “a family paper” and accusations of pornography are not likely to sit well with proprietor Rupert Murdoch, especially as, based on circulation, it is the eighth biggest newspaper in any language in the world.

While I can sort of see where Apple is coming from on this, it seems a little harsh when the iPhone can just take a picture of the page in question. Especially when you have Mass Effect, Prey or Wolfenstein 3D all waiting to be ogled by impressionable youngsters.

Given the paper’s usual content though, I think the pictures are possibly the least objectionable part of The Sun.

Source: The Register


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