DICE executive producer Patrick Bach thinks that the new kid on the block is now sci-fi.

The “Spunk Gargle Wee Wee” sub-genre of FPS (AKA: Modern Military Shooters – MMS) is a genre that most people would believe to be more oversaturated that an average Instagram photo. Genre fatigue was pretty much the leading cause of death for the most recent Medal of Honor reboot. But DICE executive producer Patrick Bach thinks that we could actually do with a few more MMSs – as long as they can still do something with the genre. “There are not that many [military shooters] out there, to be honest,” he told IGN, adding that in his opinion, sci-fi is the new kid on the block.

“Is it [over-saturated]? Today? Really? A couple years ago, I would agree,” said Bach, when asked how DICE planned to combat the trend of increasingly sterile MMSs, “But now people are moving away from that genre. We’re staying because we have more to do in that genre. And I think if you have a great game, it’s a great game. Period. It doesn’t mean you have to have the hypest or the coolest new stuff.”

So where are all these MMS developers moving to? “Now, sci-fi is the s**t,” claims Bach, “Everyone is doing sci-fi. It takes a year, then it’s over-saturated because everyone is doing it and then everyone will move onto something else.” His point is pretty apt, considering Respawn Entertainment, headed by the guys who created Call of Duty, are now making a sci-fi game.

“I think great franchises stay where they think they should stay. You see Halo being sci-fi for many, many years, and now everyone else is doing sci-fi. So now it’s like, ‘well, now it’s boring because everyone else is doing it.'” In other words, you can stop holding your breath for a sequel to Battlefield: 2142 any time soon.

Source: IGN

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