An anonymous source says that BioWare will soon announce a multiplayer-focused shooter set in the Mass Effect universe.

Yesterday, BioWare teased a new game announcement that will be made at the Spike TV Video Game Awards next month with a brief video. Current speculation on the title puts it as anything from Mass Effect 3 to a Shattered Steel spiritual sequel to a game where you must annihilate fairies (no joke). According to an anonymous development source, the game won’t be any of these, and is a multiplayer spin-off of Mass Effect instead.

Enterprising sleuths determined that the gun shown in the teaser trailer resembles one used in Mass Effect, and the soldier wielding it looks like he’s wearing a futuristic form of armor, so the idea isn’t a stretch. Combined with the fact that BioWare was searching for help to add multiplayer to the Mass Effect franchise earlier this year, the source could be on to something.

The source says that BioWare’s mystery game is “designed to appeal to the Call of Duty market” and won’t be an MMO. It’s said to be in development by BioWare Montreal and should feature a form of player progression similar to that seen in Modern Warfare and Black Ops. According to the source, the game will also feature a single-player component that won’t star Commander Shepard.

BioWare really upped its shooter ante with Mass Effect 2, which in my personal opinion was a pretty good shooter in addition to an RPG. The anonymous source could be full of bologna, but it makes sense for BioWare to try to develop a game that appeals to the Call of Duty market using the Mass Effect license, while hopefully implementing deeper elements that the company is known for. A multiplayer-focused shooter might be something new for BioWare, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome.

Source: Kotaku

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