Were you wondering which platforms it’d be out on? Wonder no more.

When last we heard about The Walking Dead: 400 Days, the DLC for Telltale’s acclaimed zombie horror episodic title, there wasn’t a trailer. Now there is! Ahh, the magic of the internets, but what may tickle your fancy – even more than an extra helping of zombies and executions – is confirmation of the platforms it’s out on, which seem to be pretty much everything bar the kitchen sink. PC, Xbox Live, PlayStation, Steam, Mac; it’s all there, just as before.

The PS Vita edition mentioned previously is part of a Limited Edition PS Vita Bundle, which – according to Telltale’s Kirsten Kennedy – will include “a 3G/WiFi PS Vita, the complete first season of The Walking Dead game series (including 400 Days) and great bonus content.” For those of you who already have a Vita, all six episodes will be released both digitally and as a retail purchase. No, there’s no release date yet, bar the usual Coming Soon looming on the horizon like a big thing that looms. However Kirsten did say that the release date will be published soon after E3, so we may get to hear about it quicker than you’d think.

This DLC will be kind of episodic – except all packed into one episode – in that you’ll be playing through five different stories from five different characters. “This special episode will allow you to choose a character and play through each of their stories in any order,” says the PlayStation blog, “which are all centered around a truck stop on a Georgia highway.” Some of your choices in the original game will affect what happens to you here, and some of your choices here will affect what happens in Season Two. Hope you kept those game saves!

Source: PC Gamer

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