A First Look At Multiplayer In BioShock 2


Publisher 2K Games has released the first trailer for BioShock 2’s multiplayer component, which seems to eschew the original’s moody pacing for Quake-esque frantic battles.

Of particular interest in the trailer is the creation of an automatic turret (a la Team Fortress 2), the female character using BioShock 2’s Research Camera on a fallen foe and the combined use of plasmids (particularly the bit where one person freezes another, then dashes through them shattering the frozen combatant in the process).

Though many BioShock fans clamored for a multiplayer component, I think they were maybe hoping for something a bit more akin to the actual gameplay in the now-classic shooter. Or, at least, they were hoping for something a bit less like traditional run-and-gun online components than this.

What say you BioShock fans? Are you happy as long as you can use your plasmids or does this Quake-style fighting turn you off?

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