A Girl and a Cat Take A Walk in the Dark


Arielle and Bast have finally headed out on their stroll through the forest.

I was quite taken by the extended gameplay trailer for A Walk in the Dark when I stumbled across it in August. It appeared to be almost certainly beyond my skills but I loved the aesthetic, and I like cats and forests, too. Would I be able to play the game with some degree of competence, or at least keep myself from going insane with rage every time I failed?

It’s time to find out, as A Walk in the Dark is now available. A DRM-free version of the game can currently be purchased directly from developer Flying Turtle Software and the team is also trying to get it up on Steam Greenlight, which, if you are so inclined, you can vote for here.

A Walk in the Dark is a “story-driven platformer” in which players become Bast, a cat in search of his master. She’s been taken by a dark spirit of the forest, and it’s his fault. Now he’s alone, night is coming and he must race to her rescue in a world that’s become strange, dark and dangerous. The Limbo vibe is obvious but given that Limbo is pretty awesome (or so I’m told; I still haven’t played it), I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

More information about A Walk in the Dark, including purchase links for the game and the original soundtrack, can be found at

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