A Heroines Perspective

A Heroines Perspective ? A Review of Recluses’ Victory


Most people knew about the big Recluses’ Victory (or RV) event on Test last week. You go on, you build a hero or villain and they get bumped up to 40, just so we can all go play at PvP. Do you think I could resist going? Not a chance, and not with the opportunity to meet and speak with a few of the people behind the scenes.

So yes, Wednesday I got home and (almost) immediately I sat down and rebuilt my favorite toon on Test. Despite promptings from our Site Manager to build a Stalker, I rebuilt Mialiah, my much beloved, but oft ignored Claws/Regen Scrapper. I did try out RV that night, to get a feel for things and snap some screen shots (posted earlier this week with shots from others). I really appreciate the chance the Dev’s gave to the player population to go out and give it a try before releasing it.

Speaking of the Dev’s, I got to meet and say hi to Elite (aka Positron, aka Matt Miller) and CuppaJo (everyone’s favorite on the official Forums), and also Cricket, the latest addition to the forums staff. I had a list of questions, and not nearly enough time to ask them – especially since I’m actually an hour behind Central time, still, I did manage to get a couple questions in..

*Q: What was your favorite addition to the game in I7?
*Elite: My favorite part is this zone. It’s got everything, drama, story, tension, and best of all, Giant Robots!
*CuppaJo: It’s hard to beat giant robots.

I had to agree with Cuppa’s response. Giant robots are FUN!

*Q: (In response to a comment about the forums) CuppaJo, whats it like to have such a huge fan base?
*Cricket: Well, I can tell ya, it is pretty busy. It is fun, but yes, we always have lots of excitement on the boards, very active.
*CuppaJo: It’s fun – but really – it’s like being the big fish in a little pond.
*CuppaJo: It’s like being a star blogger. Very popular to a very small group of lovely geeks.

Ah well, there’s nothing wrong with being popular with the geeks! I wanted to ask some more, but sadly their time was limited, and it was, I must admit, rather later where they are, so I didn’t manage to squeeze in any more questions. Still, I did get to be in the V.I.P. SG to have this conversation, and I did get to watch them joke a bit with some of the others in the group. Really, they sounded like pretty much every other bunch of geeks in a game, only they made the game! Also, did I mentioned, I got to be a V.I.P.? Seriously, it was so nice of them to talk to us and the other media people, whom I also got to meet and chat with. I even ended up on a team with a WOOTradio DJ for a while.. until I was booted out of the game.

So yes, I did go out and PvP after the meet & greet, and even took out a few villains! And got roasted a few times myself. I hit Ghost Widow, maybe twice, before she turned on me and mowed me down. The best, however, was in a rather heated, large scale hero/villain battle, running into one of my global friends playing his villain. It was possibly quite funny watching me yell ‘You keep away TR! This is my base!’ just before I face planted. It was a fun experience, and well worth the time.

Overall, I thought the zone was amazing to look at, challenging to play in, and probably going to be a blast once it goes live. Sure, it may still have the odd bug, but if Test hadn’t chewed me up and spit me out around ten pm. Central both nights, I would have stayed much, much later than I should have. Have fun, and sweet dreams of I7, we’ll see you all next time. @Mialiah ([email protected])

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