A Heroines Perspective

A Heroines Perspective ? A Word on the Doom.


As might be expected, I’ve been playing quite a lot since Issue 7 released. There’s many new things to play with and occasionally just happen across, and it’s done a wonderful job of eating up all of my time. Don’t get me wrong, I7 has it’s problems and bugs, but I doubt any issue is going to be completely bug free when it goes live.

There’s lots of people crying ‘DOOOM’ over some of the bugs and problems with I7, and I can see what they are saying to a point. There is, indeed, a test server for working out these problems before hand, and usually one would hope the larger kinks would be ironed out before an issue hits live. However, I can also see the problem the Developers might have. For one, not everyone is going to be making use of the test server. For two, some of the people that do wouldn’t know what to do with a bug if it bit them (like me!). Every time something lands on test there seems to be a certain group that migrate over there to test all the changes and new content, and these people do a great job, but there’s only so much they can catch. It’s when the massive player base on the live servers gets their hands into everything that real trouble will show up! Why? Well, because you have a wider base to draw from, so you’re going to run into many more people doing many, many different things in hundreds, if not thousands, of different ways. So, while I full empathize with all the people complaining about some of the larger problems with I7, having run into a few myself, I can also see how some of these things could ‘hit live’. Maybe if they had as many test servers as there are live ones, and maybe if they could get the entire player base on those servers to run stuff before release, there might be a better chance of catching every single bug. In the mean time, I, at least, bite my tongue and focus on all the good stuff.

And what about good stuff? There’s lots, thats for sure! Like the new bodyguard thing for Masterminds, which I love to no end. Or the changes to the Claws powerset thats improved my Scrappers scrapability no end. Or maybe my Super Reflexes Stalkers better ability to survive – well, at least slightly better then before! I’m not a number cruncher. I have a hard time passing up things I want for stuff I probably need when picking powers for my toons, so I can’t give you those kinds of details – besides, there’s lots of that on the forums if you’re really interested. Whats truly fun is some of the changes to missions and maps, not to mention the addition of the Mayhem Missions. Very cool is standing in Atlas, or Talos or anywhere in CoH and seeing the Longbow and, best of all, the Paragon Police Department patrolling the streets. If you haven’t done so yet, take one of your Villains to Grandville and take a peek – there’s a nice big safe zone that will at least let you get an idea for the zone, I know I was impressed when I saw it! Or how about when my SG did a few team missions that we had all done previously only to find all new rooms and spaces in the same old maps! Nothing like having the entire team stop in the middle of a mission to look around the rooms – heck, the last time that happened to me in a regular mission was the first time I was in one of the giant Circle of Thorn Orenbega maps.

I’m not saying I like all the changes that I7 brought. It would be impossible for the Developers to make every single player happy, there’s simply to many variables. However, once again I am impressed with how much the Developers listen to the players. One of the major changes with I7 where changes to Archvillains and Monsters. Now, many people seemed to agree that some of these did need a bit of work, but the manner of changes made, namely increasing regeneration rates and, I believe, defense ratings, has not terrible impressed anyone. The thing is, once these changes made it to the live servers, there where yet more people supporting the nay-sayers, and with good reason. The last time I checked, the Developers were taking the complaints quite seriously and reconsidering these changes, if not planning rollback these changes. So much for complaining the Developers never listen.

In the end, I would say the best bet would be to just play. Keep the bugs and problems in mind and be patient with the Developers team while they try to get to everything. There’s a million small changes people want to go with the fixes for big problems (like me, I REALLY want a rotating camera angle in the costume editor!). The Developers have a done a wonderful job, and there’s no doubt going to be more new and interesting things yet to come, we just have to hold on and be patient. We out number them by quite a large number after all! -@Mialiah ([email protected])

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