A Heroines Perspective

A Heroine’s Perspective ? Can’t Keep A Good Regen Down.


Last time, we talked about Mialiah’s Primary set, Claws. Her secondary is the ever popular Regen set. Regen is just what it sounds like, a self-healing set. You don’t tend to dodge, or get much in the way of defense or damage absorption – but it’s really hard to keep a good Regen down!

Again, I picked Regen because it sounded like fun! In the early levels, you don’t have as much of the bounce back factor, since you have only a couple healing powers, and probably very few slots, or Enhancements to go in those slots. Fear not, good Regener, it gets better!

So what are the nice things about Regen?

Well, first of all, if you know how to use your powers, you have a good chance of surviving things that, on occasion, knock other Scrappers into next week, since the point of Regen is to take that damage and just keep going.

It’s also not a toggle heavy set, having all of one, yes one, toggle. When you consider that you also get a passive Stamina regeneration power, that one toggle doesn’t mean very much.

Did I mention that you heal? Not just click buttons to heal, of which there are three with increasing recharge times of course, but passive increased healing powers! Even your toggle increases your natural healing rate a little bit.

My, current, favorite memory was helping my Super Reflexes friend do some Knives of Artemis missions, and, at the end of a fight, standing in the middle of about three, or four, sets of Caltrops – which did nothing but make the end of my health bar blink. My buddy was at once amused, and almost disgusted with me.

Oh, yeah, just a note, but you will probably irritate Empathy defenders, or any other Defender who is trying to get healing badges with you.

It’s also a good idea to warn your group if you plan on hitting Moment of Glory – because the sudden lack of health usually worries people. I’ve had more than a few people try to heal, or drop some healing inspirations, on me when I shoot that sucker off.

So, whats the downside of Regen? Well, I know that, I, at least, spend a lot of time in debt. It’s so very, very easy to believe that I am indestructible. Sometimes, my penchant for jumping straight into insane danger irritates people – it’s really very hard to care when it’s so much fun, though.

Enhancing this set is insanely expensive. With the new inventions, it’s only going to get worse. Why, you ask? Well, at the top of the list for most expensive Enhancements are Damage, Accuracy and Healing, and I seem to recall Increased Attack Rate (or Recharge) as being not to far behind that. Now consider the fact that your primary set, whatever it be, is going to need to be filled up with lots of Damage, Accuracy and Recharges. Thats okay, everyone has to pay out the nose for those! But you, friendly neighborhood Regen, you are also going to be bleeding out the Influence (or Infamy in the case of Stalkers) for those lovely green Enhancements so that you can take even more damage and keep going! Oh yes, and more recharges in there as well.

In fact, cost is the biggest negative I can think of about the set. Everything else makes for bone snapping fun! Don’t take my word for it, though. Give it a try yourself. Go on, discover your inner Masochist. You know you want too. -@Mialiah

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