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A Heroines Perspective ? Goodbye CuppaJo


If You’ve spent anything resembling time on the boards, or pay any attention to the City Of.. announcements then you are probably aware that CuppaJo is leaving. Cuppa has been a board moderator for City Of.. for quite some time, and from what I’ve seen, she has tried very hard to there for the community, and the community seems to be quite aware of that.

Despite the fact that she was saddled with what is, on occasion, a thankless job, I’m sure, CuppaJo seemed to know when to be silent, when to speak and when to wield the thud-stick of authority. At least on the boards. She wasn’t a Developer, or anything like that, she was merely there to pass on stuff to the Dev’s, to be a medium of contact between the Dev’s and the players. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

Anyway, since she’s rather popular they threw her a going away part on the test server, and I made sure to go. At least I did at first. It was a pretty good idea on the part of Cryptic to do this. W00tRadio gave away a number of prizes including Tabula Rasa Beta slots, which is some marketing right there.

By the time I logged in, about ten or so minutes before this was all supposed to start, there was already more than one instance of PocketD happening. I ended up in number four. Since I was listening to w00tRadio, I was pretty aware of what was going on, so I watched the inane chatter happening around me and waited for CuppaJo to drop in on my instance of PocketD.

W00tRadio played some amusing music, and I just put my toon to dancing and sat back trying not to yawn. Fortunetly it really wasn’t that long before Cuppa and the w00t DJ dropped in on us. Of course, everyone crowded in on Cuppa like a pack of puppies. I managed to weasel in enough to get a shot or two of her, and I think one of her ‘drinking’ as well. Probably the famous coffee.

Actually, I thought it was the most interesting portion when Ghost Widow appeared in the air above where everyone was collected, and I very quickly snapped a shot of her as well. Not that they stayed long. CuppaJo was apparently in ‘tell hell’, probably within two seconds of logging in, if I’m any judge. I sent her a tell myself wishing her luck and so forth full expecting not to receive a response.

The long and short of it is, there was no time to talk, the chances of getting a reply back to your tell where infinitesimal since there where probably hundreds of other people sending tells, if not more. They handed out prizes which, at least I, had little to no interest in sitting around twelve hours to get. Frankly, after Cuppa and Ghost Widow left.. I left. I kept w00tRadio going, but I left just the same. I wasn’t interested in the giant arena event at all, and I wasn’t about to get a chance to toss anything resembling questions at CuppaJo or any of the others that showed up, at least, not and get a response.

Let me put it this way, they’ve done this sort of thing before, and I, at least, was rather bored. I would much rather be out doing missions. In fact, I was much, much more amused when I was waiting in PocketD on the live server for a friend and Ghost Widow showed up there just out of the blue. That was interesting. This was not. There was insane amounts of people, all babbling about whatever or making repeats of the same comments, not to mention the requests to keep aura type powers off. I wished Cuppa luck in a tell and then, after I caught my screen shots, I left. W00tRadio was much more interesting, and I was much more interested in the news shot about the upcoming Issue 8.

Either way, goodbye CuppaJo and best of luck with the new position. Try not to be a complete stranger on the boards, since I’m sure everyone would love to hear from you now and then. -@Mialiah ([email protected])

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